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Clockwork has long island's NY exclusive custom tattoo artists. We are true custom tattoo artists who sit with our clients, and listen to them to find out exactly what they want. This process is crucial for placement, color, theme and style that are desired by the client. We will draw out various possibilities that may work for the client by showing examples.

Making quick rough sketches or looking through examples the clients bring in. We also freestyle (drawing on the skin) the image onto the client or a combination of drawing up a finished sketch and also freehanding certain elements. This is custom tattooing at its best. This is what you can expect from Clockwork.

Clockwork specialize in cover-ups. If you have an old tattoo that isnt what you had in mind or doesnt go with the stylistic direction that you are aiming for, well youre inn luck. Tatupaul is a master of the cover up tattoo. Too often a bad tattoo can easily become an even worst looking tattoo by having it covered up or touched up by a tattooist who is not qualified to do the work.

Don't be quick to just let any tattoo artist attempt to cover up your old tattoo. A bad cover up job can be even more disappointing than the original tattoo and can end up costing you thousands of dollars in laser surgery with results that are not always consistent or favorable.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us 631.580.7330

Questions and Answers

Q. Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
A. Everyone deals with pain at their own personal level. People have different reactions to certain areas of thier bodies, which makes some parts more sensitive then others. Ask a couple of people who've been inked and you'll get different responses from each person. Some people say it stings or burns, while others say it feels good.

Q. I've got a tattoo that is fading and looks old. Can it be fixed?
A. Absolutely! Bring that old beaten down, worn out ink blot in and we'll fix it right up! Not a problem. You may also have an option of covering the entire tattoo with a new one. This is going to depend on the size of the old tattoo. Your best bet would be to stop by our shop and discuss it with one of our artists.

Can I catch HIV, AIDS or Hepatitis from getting a tattoo?
A. NO! CLOCKWORK uses state of the art disinfection procedures. All used needles are disposed of in the same manner that a hospital or doctor would. After a client receives a tattoo the work space is then cleaned and disinfected with EPA approved virucidals. The risk to you becoming infected with Hepatitis B or any other borne pathogens from a tattoo applied by CLOCKWORK is absolute ZERO!

Q. Can I just walk in today and get a tattoo?
A. Yes! If you've been thinking about it for a while now but just keep putting it off, try stopping in and talk to any of our staff. You'll find a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.