Aftercare Instructions

AQUAPHOR- not for open wounds

A+D OINTMENT- your not a baby with diaper rash

BACITRACIN/NEOSPORIN- you’re an adult and didn’t fall off your tricycle with scrapes and cuts .These ointments pull out the ink

VASELINE- your not a prison bitch


For skin to heal, it needs nutrients. Our clockwork tattoo butter provides an abundance of exactly the nutrients skin needs to heal quickly, with farless damage to tattoo ink, helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your body art. We’re confident our tattoo butter provides more skin healing nutrients than any other similar product, the rest of whichmostly consist of cheap oils, wax, and chemicals.Clockwork Tattoo Butter is herbal infused with five skin healingherbs, and is rich in raw, organic, unrefined shea butter, which hasbeen called "superfood for the skin" by leading dermatologists. we alsoblend in five luxury skin-care oils--sunflower, coconut, soybean,apricot kernal, and lavender --all ultra-rich in vitamins A, B, C, E andothers, along with a broad spectrum of natural fatty acids, the buildingblocks of skin proteins.==============================================================Our clockwork tattoo butter has been highly refined through a natural process (nochemicals added) of multiple heatings and filterings, to remove allimpurities that could possibly damage or discolor tattoo ink. NO OTHERTATTOO BALM MANUFACTURER DOES THIS, because it is time consuming, andadds expense to the manufacturing process. clockwork balm binds the otheringredients together into a balm, plus, it covers the wound with a verythin but highly effective layer of protection.The various botanical ingredients "pack the punch" needed toaggressively promote healing of a fresh tattoo, and to protect andreinvigorate older tattoos, as well. These ingredients have thefollowing properties:Anti-inflammatory - Reduces swelling and skin redness when appliedtopically.Antiseptic, germicidal, anti-bacterial - Reduces risk of infection inopen wounds and cuts due to bacterial and other microbes.Antioxidant - Protects the skin from damage by free radicals, promotesrepair of skin at the cellular level, and helps to regrow replacement cells.Anti-aging - Provides nutrition and support to the skin so that aging isreduced.Antipruritic (anti-itch) - Some of our unique ingredients work to soothitching, without the fading of ink and numbing associated with chemicaltreatments, so the user will be far less tempted to scratch the wound,which is a major cause of damage to fresh tattoos. Antiallergenic - Helps to suppress the natural allergic response totattoo ink, which causes the body's immune system to attack and breakdown freshly-installed tattoo ink. Use of this balm is believed toresult in more of the installed ink remaining in place, resulting inless need to rework the tattoo soon after installation, and a tattoothat remains much more crisp and brightly-colored over its lifetime.


Our Sea Salt Body Piercing Spray Helps to clean all your piercings and body modifications. Ingredients that are natural. Easy to Use on the go Spray Cleanser. No cross contamination (bag in the can). The can allows all-altitude (360-degree) dispensingEnzymatic Sea Salt Solutions Natural to Your Body - pH Balanced and Enriched with Over 82 Trace Elements and MineralsSafe for all Skin Types. Remains sterile from start to finish.